Gold Personalised Coaching Package

The Ultimate – This package is over two days. At least six hours each day.

Your refreshments will be provided during the the two sessions and overnight accommodation can be arranged for you. This package includes unlimited follow up by email over the following 12 months, 2 x 60 min face to face sessions in the year and planned monthly telephone sessions to ensure that you remain on track and accountable for your goals.

Do you ever feel that you can see the Light the End of the Tunnel, but it just seems so far away and an endless tunnel?
Occasionally maybe the light becomes eclipsed?
Maybe you feel that you get in your own way and prevent yourself ever reaching that light?

If this sounds familiar, the ‘gold’ Personal Breakthrough session maybe what you need.

A Personal Breakthrough session is a supercharged, quick and effective way to overcome the challenges in your life. The session is planned over 2 days, each lasting approximately six hours. There will be some reflection to do beforehand and follow up sessions over a period of twelve months afterward to hold you accountable to your plans and goals.

This intensive session allows you to work on whatever personal changes that you want to make. There may well be many areas of your life where you are already very successful. This session allows you to work on those areas where you would like to achieve greater success. This process helps you navigate the way to that success.

It may be that you want to achieve a promotion; increase the turnover of your business or make changes to your personal life.
The Gold package will enable you to breakthrough any negativity, allowing you to let go of all the things that have in the past held you back.
The sessions will then consequently enable you to align all of your qualities, values, skills, resources and strengths to be the ‘Best You’ and achieve all that you want.

“I was a mess. I had suffered some serious traumas. The 2 day session was challenging, but has completely changed my life. I cannot recommend this investment highly enough.”