Mental Health & Wellbeing Training

We have a range of mental health, wellbeing awareness and resilience building training programmes that an be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. These programmes are a mixture of half and full day sessions.

Understanding Emotional Resilience and Managing Stress

This is a three hour programme which is focused on raising awareness of stress and how we can look after ourselves (and our colleagues), why this is important and how small changes can make a difference. The session explores some key tools and tips to manage stress and develop resilience. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the impact of emotional resilience in our lives
  • Role of nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and stress reduction in enhancing our wellbeing
  • Learning new skills and approaches to improve emotional resilience and reduce stress


Understanding Mental Health

This is a three hour session which explores what Mental Health and Emotional Resilience means for us whilst recognising that the most common factors that can contribute to mental ill-health include everyday issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. The session explores some key tools and tips to share to develop our resilience to maintain positive mental health.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Understanding what ‘mental health’ and ’emotional resilience’ mean to us
  • Being able to spot some key signs and symptoms
  • Understanding our own mental health and ways to enhance our emotional resilience

Understanding and managing change at work

This is a three hour session which explores how we can can manage change at work and understand the feelings, beliefs and attitudes that can be present.

Learning outcomes:

  • How we experience change
  • Coping skills for use in day to day crises
  • How to manage stress associated with change
  • How we can look after ourselves and look out for our colleagues