Why choose Step by Step for your training needs?

My journey with training started way back in the late 1990s when I was encouraged in my social work role to do a ’training for trainers’ course to understand the basics in delivering training for adults in a work setting.

Following years of experience working within the field of mental health, I found myself attending a 2 day Suicide Intervention training course and deciding that I would love share some of the skills that I learnt and ’lightbulb’ moments that I experienced. This led me to undertake a Training for Trainers course to deliver the workshop and from this, other training has been added to the portfolio.

I have developed training along the way to suit the needs of my customers in addition to delivering training on behalf of other organisations (such as the Samaritans, National Centre for Suicide Prevention Training, Merthyr and the Valleys Mind). I have also developed a team of trainers who are experts in their own right that are enable me to offer a more comprehensive suite of training programs.

“Berni makes a very difficult conversation, very easy to have. She handled all conversations and questions sensitively and professionally.”
“Berni enabled us to share experiences within the room in a safe and supportive way.”
“Bernadette shared real life examples which made perfect sense the context of the training.”
“Interactive training round some difficult topics. It didn’t feel like a full day!”
“I loved the relaxation session at the end of the training!”